Born in Ukraine 09.21.1976.
A member of Union of Artists of Russia.
A member of International Association of Art.
Lives & works in Severodvinsk, Russia.

Ekaterina Yarunova

Exhibitions & Projects
2019 — Personal exhibition “Letters to Barents”, Vardo, Norway.
2018 — Norwegian-Russian project “Not an Island” (curated by Camilla Saget Mathisen and Sigrid Bjorback), Arkhangelsk.
2018 — Participation in the 5th International Watercolor Biennale, Belgrade, Serbia.
2018 — International Watercolor Festival “Tropical Watercolor”, Costa Rica.
2018 — International Watercolor Biennale “Baltic Bridges”, Kaunas, Lithuania.
2018 — Participation in the performance “Living Currents”, an international project within the Arctic Art Forum, Arkhangelsk.
2017 — All-Russian exhibition “Faces of Russia”, Arkhangelsk, Russia.
2017 — Personal exhibition “Diary of a River”, Arkhangelsk, Russia.
2017 — Exhibition “Artist in residence Vardo”, Norway.
2017 — Project “Music, the twin of water” (series of concerts with watercolor performance), Maritime Museum, Arkhangelsk.
2017 — Personal exhibition “Watercolor Time”, Severodvinsk, Russia.
2016 — Personal exhibition “From Other Days”, Arkhangelsk, Russia.
2016 — Personal exhibition “Watercolor”, Arkhangelsk, Russia.
2015 — Personal exhibition “Forgotten Songs”, Arkhangelsk, Russia.
2015 — Work in residence in Tromso and Berlevåg, Norway.
2013 — Residence and personal exhibition in Tromso, Norway.
2010 — All-Russian youth exhibition “Young Artists of Russia”, Moscow, Russia.
2010 — Workshop in Poland (Slupsk), exhibition “Architecture of Slupsk”.
2009 — National art exhibition “Russia XI”, Moscow, Russia.
2009 — Personal exhibition “Pinega River”, Arkhangelsk, Russia.
2007 — All-Russian youth exhibition “Young Artists of Russia”, Moscow, Russia.
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